Testimonials – Our clients speak

Probate Lawyer Testimonials from John’s clients:

 After almost a month  of frustration, what a blessing to get real answers a caring Lawyer! Thank you John for A+ customer service and for taking the time to help us while we were totally distracted making daily hospital visits.   —Larry M. 

 John Donahue represented me on a probate matter in California – while I am now living out of state. It would have been very expensive to travel back to my childhood city of Santa Monica, but it wasn’t necessary. Simply put, he got the job done and saved me worry, time and travel money that would have been difficult to scrounge together.   —Joan S.

 I’d just like to say that Mr. Donahue handled my estate planning very professionally. He met me close to my work on a day he had to go into downtown LA for court which was very convenient for me as a single mom with an overwhelming schedule. Everything –on John’s end– was completed in a timely manner. It was, outside of my inability to find some documents for a few days (my fault) virtually painless for REAL LEGAL HELP. No crappy paralegal or legal aid or radio show form company. I am grateful to have it done right. He was so great that I actually referred 1 of my work friends to Mr. Donahue. One of the best things is that John never talked down to me, was patient with my slowness collecting a list of documents and never rushed me. After that first meeting, we were able to get everything done via phone and email. Like I said. Modern digital guy with Ninja legal skills and totally painless for me. Blessings John 🙂  —Susan T.

I never take the time to rate places, that do stuff correctly –only to scream when business fall short — but I appreciate it that your law office stands out in my book! Enclosed is my check, and you are welcome to quote my praise. Thank you. Thank you.  —Paul W.

Your website CHAT person was very helpful, and though he said he thought you were at the probate court and though I was calling from another state he promised he’d drop everything to track you down ASAP. I was skeptical. Sure enough, you called me from your cell from the court not more than 20 minutes later – a welcome change from the other two awful (and expensive) interactions I’ve had with lawyers in the past 25 years…. Thanks for being a real person and thanks for your help. I was truly helpless and that Los Angeles Probate court is F’ing frustrating and virtually impossible to work with (unless you know your way around I suppose). Apparently you do! Thanks.  —Mellanie M.

If you want to go to a QUALITY Estate Planning guy, who saved me taking time from my office by actually swinging by my work after court, this is your man. Talk about customer service and well-drafted documents.  —Mario R.

Mr. Donahue offered me a free consultation, He was never about RUSHING me into some legal mumbo jumbo services I didn’t need or that might otherwise hurt you. Other law firms I went and met with first tried to “close me” for pricey packages right off the bat, and when I said I was going to think about it, they copped an attitude all of a sudden like I wasted their precious time!!  John explained what I needed (minimally) to protect me and my new family and said to visit him in a couple years to re-access my situation, assets, and evolving tax bracket. I got what I needed – nothing more. Down to earth, didn’t make a major hit on my checkbook, and real friendly too. He’s “my lawyer” now. I never really “had a lawyer” before. Cool. —Verna B.

I hooked up with John at a Starbucks half way between his office and my work. That was real convenient and gave me a chance to meet John before deciding to go with him the following day to handle a messed up probate involving my Torrance childhood home. That screwed up mess was going nowhere and the Probate courts are hip-deep in rude ass-clowns who can’t pick up a phone, and when snagged blow you off or promise to have the “right person” call back. They never call back. Just a ruse to blow off citizens who dare bother them I’ll bet. Then there are days of no people picking up in the department you need – just voice mail hell. Even when I did get through I realized I had no real idea what EXACTLY what steps I needed to take next, and in what order. The bureaucrats’ attitude and customer no-service made me completely nuts. Pissed. Out of frustration I looked for an “insider” and I found attorney Donahue. He da dude with the juice I needed. He immediately tried to help and talks “to you” rather than “at you.” He picked up the check for a Halloween week Pumpkin Spice Latte and scone too. Win-Win. Thanks man… —Demarius C.

Got a big fat check today. Thank you John. Working with you was a pleasant experience during an otherwise horrific part of my life.  My life is getting back on track now, I didn’t expect to see a dime from that estate deal, but I can sure use it. I’m glad you made it a worry free process! My Best, —Eric L.