California Conservatorship Services

Los Angeles Probate attorney, John Donahue provides skilled, personal legal services for California conservatorships. We can:

  • Advise you about a California conservatorship and other possible legal alternatives
  • Prepare and file all conservatorship legal documents
  • Appear for in court for you.
  • When necessary, argue and negotiate for you in court
  • Assist you with a conservatorship bond
  • Refer you to other professionals you may need to manage a conservatorship
  • Assist you with all aspects of managing an ongoing conservatorship
  • Conservatorship accounting

John Donahue is available to represent conservators, protected persons (conservatees), or concerned, interested or impacted family members.

A conservatorship is a process that you want to avoid. When the time comes, we want to know that our loved ones will be financially secure and are in charge of the inheritance you leave behind. A conservatorship is a court process where one person is appointed to be the decision-maker and manage the financial affairs for another person. This process can be time-consuming and emotional, especially when you are trying to decide who will be in charge of your family’s financial affairs. Whether it is beneficial to pursue or avoid a conservatorship, John can assist you to evaluate your situation and help you pursue options best fit for your situation.

Attorney John Donahue, in Los Angeles, California, provides clients effective estate planning strategies and his legal knowledge can help his clients plan for the future. John is personally invested in every case and can help you make smart decisions that can save you money and time. With more than 23-years of legal experience, he understands what avenues to pursue to meet your goals and protect what is most important to you and your family.

How to Avoid a Conservatorship

With a proper estate plan, which includes a living trust and powers of attorney, you may be able to avoid a conservatorship. When you become incapacitated, it is important to have someone you trust to make decisions that affect your medical and personal care as well as manage all your financial affairs. If pursuing a conservatorship is the most beneficial option for you situation, John will stand by you throughout the process.

Los Angeles Durable and Medical Powers of Attorney Lawyer

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