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A living trust is a document that you set up while you are alive and can protect you and your family later on in life. While you are living, you are the trustee of the trust and the trust is revocable. You can modify the trust in any way you want and can change or add beneficiaries when needed.

Securing You and Your Family’s Financial Future

Living Trusts Attorney John Donahue helps his clients establish living trusts by providing cost-effective solutions and services tailored to their needs. We know it is important to secure the financial future of you and your family. With more than 23-years of legal experience, we understand what challenges you may face and have the resources and knowledge to help you work through them. John is recognized throughout the Los Angeles legal community for his dedication to his clients.

Benefits of Establishing a Living Trust

There are several benefits to setting up a living trust, such as:

  • Avoiding a conservatorship proceeding: Once you become incapacitated and no longer can manage your financial matters, then a successor trustee of your choice can manage the trust on your behalf. The successor trustee can make distributions to you or for your benefit.
  • Avoiding probate: If you transfer all the proper assets to the trust, it could result in a significant savings to your heirs and may avoid probate.
  • Significant tax savings: With John’s assistance, he can help you properly set up a trust that can keep you from paying a substantial amount of estate taxes.

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